Patients & Families

Practice Policies

All patients, please review the following:



  1. Confidentiality

    a. This office is fully compliant with The Ontario Government’s Personal Health Information Protection Act. Our electronic medical records system, email and phones are protected against loss of data and unauthorized access.
    b. We take the confidentiality of our patients’ health information extremely seriously. Unless required by law, we will not release any details regarding patients’ health without prior consent from the parent/guardian.
    c. Administrative staff will not disclose information about results over the phone unless instructed to do so by the physician.

  2. Appointments

    a. Appointments should be made via online booking. If you have trouble with the online booking system, you may contact us by e-mail or telephone.
    b. We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a doctor's appointment. Late cancellations may be subject to a fee of $75 for general pediatrics appointments and $150 for specialist appointments.
    c. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment may be rescheduled to a later time/date, and a no-show fee may be charged.
    d. Accordingly, if a patient does not show up to a scheduled doctor's appointment, the parent/guardian will be billed $75 for general pediatrics appointments and $150 for specialist appointments.
    e. For Allied health appointments (Occupational therapy/ Dietitian/Lactation consultatant/ Speech-Language Pathology): We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Late cancellations will be charged 50% of the appointment fee, and no-shows will be charged the full consult fee.

  3. Email correspondence

    Email should be used to communicate with the office for administrative issues only. Any medical or clinical concerns should be addressed in person with the pediatrician.

  4. Prescriptions

    a. Prescriptions will only be renewed during an in-person or virtual visit with the pediatrician.
    b. No prescriptions will be renewed via fax. Please do not ask your pharmacy to fax a prescription renewal on your behalf.
    c. If it is an emergency and we are unable to book an appointment for you, in a timely manner, we will do our best to assist you in getting your prescription refilled.
    d. If you suspect a mix up in your prescription, or if you believe you or your child is having a reaction to a drug, please notify us immediately and seek medical attention if required.

  5. Insured Services (OHIP Covered services)

    a. Please bring a valid OHIP card to each appointment. If the card is invalid, you will be billed directly for the visit.
    b. If your child does not have OHIP coverage but has private health insurance, we will bill you for the services and provide you with an official receipt. You may use this receipt to claim reimbursement from your third-party insurer.
    c. If your baby is a newborn, the OHIP number from the hospital is only temporary. You must register with OHIP as soon as possible to obtain a valid, permanent OHIP card.

  6. Non-Insured Services (Services Not Covered by OHIP)

    a. OHIP does not pay for all services provided to a patient by the doctor.
    b. It is the patient’s (or guardian’s) responsibility to provide payment for these non-insured/uninsured services when rendered.
    c. If you have private health insurance that covers these services, we will bill you for the service and provide you with an official receipt; you may use it to claim reimbursement.

  7. Learners

    a. From time to time, there will be trainees accompanying the doctor(s) during your child(ren)s appointment. The trainees will be considered as part of the treatment team. Thus, any health information shared will remain private in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    b. It is within your right to request to not have trainees present during the appointment. However, we do encourage your cooperation and support in contributing to the training of our future medical staff.
    c. Learners have the responsibility to observe all legal aspects of patient/parent/caregiver confidentiality from their time in clinic and beyond.

  8. Clinic Privacy Policy

    Bloorkids Inc. (referred to in this privacy policy as the “Clinic”, “we”, “us”, “our”) is committed to the confidentiality and security of the personal information we collect. The Clinic has developed this Privacy Policy to be transparent with you about our privacy practices. 

    The Clinic collects personal health information about you and your child(ren). The information collected may include your name, date of birth, address, personal and family health information. This information may be used by regulated and allied health care professionals to deliver patient care, administrative health care services and other services permitted by the law. Your personal health information will only be shared with other physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals outside of the clinic, who are directly involved in your circle care.  

    At Bloorkids, we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Thus, we have instated appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, collection or disclosure. 

    The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to govern the manner in which the patient’s Health Information is managed or accessed. Our administrative staff and trainees are bound by confidentiality agreements, signed at the beginning of their employment. Similarly, our physicians and allied health practitioners are bound by the rules and guidelines instituted by their respective governing Colleges.  

    Bloorkids Inc.’s Electronic Medical Record and other patient information systems are password protected and use a firewall to protect your information from unauthorized misuse of your information. Please note: we can not guarantee security for any personal information transmitted over the internet. Therefore, any information transmitted to us via our email will be at your own risk and we will not be held liable. 

    If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or you feel that your privacy rights under PHIPA have been violated , please contact us at In the event that your personal information has been unlawfully accessed by unauthorized persons, we will notify you at our earliest opportunity.